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Whether you're distributing reports to just one person, or to everyone in the office, your reports get where they need to go
The key to a successfully run business is not only how it collects information, but how it distributes that information. With the Electronic Web Distribution system we have taken all the guess work out of distribution and put it all into an easy to use application. A given company can customize the program to distribute reports according to their specific needs. A report can be distributed throughout an entire firm or split up into pieces and distributed to many persons containing only his or her relevant data.
How it works
A given user runs a selected report and is presented with distribution options. These options can range from simply printing or saving the report instantly, emailing it to selected recipients, the entire firm, or even setting the report to be distributed at a later time.
Advanced Bursting
ALP Web Distribution supports dynamic separation through bursting. A given report is assigned a separator file with parameters to execute. Reports are run and separated based on those parameters and then burst throughout the firm. Users receive only reports or specific sections of reports as indicated by the separator.