Electronic Billing
Electronic Web Distribution
Fee Projection
Impexp (Cost Interface)
Profitability and
Productivity Analysis
Travel and Expenses (T & E)
Flat Fee
Invoice Templates
Person/Matter Exchange
Paid Exchange
Image Exchange
Expense Exchange
Single Sign On

We developed ALP IMPEXP based on simplicity and ease of use. The IMPEXP system is a convenient and user-friendly front end to satellite systems, such as taxis, Lexis, Westlaw, duplicating, telephone, payroll, and third party time entry systems. By combining cost, general ledger, and time interfaces into one customizable application, any company can design a unique interface.
Key Features
  • Online Design, Flexible formatting
  • Translation of input to different value in output
  • Inclusion/Exclusion of records
  • Translation tables, Automatic download of Validation tables
  • Processing of various file formats
  • Additional logic from outside programs for exceptions
  • Additional controls to insure data integrity
  • Validation of values while processing
  • Automatic Posting and Finalization of Valid records
  • Interfacing with current 4gl programs for compatibility
  • Additional Custom Description for every input file
  • Automatic Reporting