Electronic Billing
Electronic Web Distribution
Fee Projection
Impexp (Cost Interface)
Profitability and
Productivity Analysis
Travel and Expenses (T & E)
Flat Fee
Invoice Templates
Person/Matter Exchange
Paid Exchange
Image Exchange
Expense Exchange
Single Sign On
Inquiry: A search for knowledge
ALP Inquiry delivers the information you need at any breakdown level
Client Inquiry
The ALP Client Inquiry system is a drill down application which starts at a very high level at the timekeeper, client, or matter level, and lets the user zoom in to the very timecards and costs that make up a particular value.
Daily Billing and Collections
The Daily Billing & Collections page displays the same kind of information as the Client Inquiry but shows the Billing & Collections for the entire firm on a daily, monthly, and year-to-date basis. Therefore throughout any given day, managers, accounting, and partners can monitor how the billed and collected values fluctuate.
Hours Calendar
The Hours Calendar screen is a monthly summary by day of a given attorney's work. Each day is broken into Billable, Non-billable, and Total hours worked.