ALP Development develops a wide range of products to suit the growing needs of law and service-based firms. Each product can be customized to the specific needs of each client
Electronic Billing
Allows input from virtually any billing system and output to any format
Electronic Web Distribution
Dispersing of reports to user-defined recipients
Fee Projection
System to capture client & matter collection projections and to track shortfalls
Impexp (Cost Interface)
Provides a front-end to satellite systems in a customizable application
Simple, intuitive applications that provide access to any information
Profitability and Productivity Analysis
Three-dimensional breakdown of worked, billed and collected amounts to determine the opportunity cost of delaying billing or delaying collecting on an invoice
Report generator with fully customizable options
Travel and Expenses (T & E)
Comprehensive application to capture and reimburse expenses
Flat Fee
Easy invoice adjustment solution for flat fee arrangments
Invoice Templates
Completely customizable invoice templates
Graphical interface for pertinent data
Chrome River Interfaces:
ALP, in collaboration with Chrome River, has developed a suite of products to interface with Chrome River Expense, all with the aim to make our clients' experiences as easy and efficient as possible
Person/Matter Exchange
Automated services routine to create matter and person validation data and transfer to Chrome River
Paid Exchange
Provides users with an updated status on the payment of their expense reports
Expense Exchange
Expense item data exchange to client's financial system
Image Exchange
Receipt image data exchange to image repository
Single Sign On Exchange
Allows firms to automatically log into Chrome River Expense without having to provide additional credentials