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Partners and executives constantly find themselves chasing down statistics that are vital to their day-to-day operations, whether it is finding out who in their group is doing the most work, how much time is missing, or what clients are bringing in the most money. Billers, consequently, constantly find themselves responding to a ad-hoc inquiries from partners and executives for these statistics.
Our Solution
ALP Dashboard provides a graphical-based interface that displays relevant data directly to the people that need it. A partner Dashboard page, for example, could have information about ‘Aged Unbilled,' ‘Fees Collected,' and ‘Fees Billed.' The number of graphs is completely customizable, as is what is on those graphs, and each graph can be drilled-down as far as the data will allow. 
Intelligent Security
Like all ALP products, ALP Dashboard is completely security driven so that each partner or executive can see only the information that is pertinent to them. Access to certain graphs or tables can be assigned on an individual or firm-wide basis.