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ALP EBilling is a simple and cost effective solution to drastically reduce printing costs and seamlessly transition your company to a more efficient and easy billing process
Law and professional services firms have seen a dramatic shift from sending hard-copy paper invoices to being required to send electronic bills to their clients. These invoices can be in one of many formats depending on the specific client, the most popular being the Legal Electronic Export File Download Standard (LEDES).
Our Solution
ALP Electronic Billing is built around the concept that firms need a simple yet fully customizable program to handle any format a client requires. It extracts data, such as time and expenses from the billing system and converts it into formats acceptable by these third party electronic invoicing companies.
ALP EBilling can accept data from virtually any input billing system and output to any format. A user first provides parameters such as Invoice #, Invoice Date, and/or Client/Matter #.  The system finds all matching invoices and produces LEDES files which third party EBilling vendors can process.  The generation of these files can also be automated, reducing the burden on billers to get invoices out as quickly as possible.
The ALP EBilling system has a built in formula editor so users can customize exactly what they want to see and send out.