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Electronic Billing
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Fee Projection
Impexp (Cost Interface)
Profitability and
Productivity Analysis
Travel and Expenses (T&E)
Flat Fee
Invoice Templates
Paid Exchange
Image Exchange
Export File Download
Single Sign On

 The IMPEXP system is a user-friendly front end to third party vendor systems, such as taxis, Lexis, Westlaw, duplicating, telephone, payroll. 
Key Features
  • Online Design, Flexible formatting
  • Transformation of input data to output fields
  • Inclusion/Exclusion of records
  • Translation tables, automatic download of Validation tables
  • Processing of various file formats
  • Additional logic from outside programs for exceptions
  • Additional controls to ensure data integrity
  • Validation of values while processing
  • Automatic Posting and Finalization of Valid records
  • Additional Custom Descriptions for every input file
  • Automatic Reporting