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Inquiry: A search for knowledge
ALP Inquiry delivers the information you need at any breakdown level
Executive Inquiry
The ALP Executive Inquiry system is a drill down application which begins at the Partner, Client, or Matter level, and lets users drill down to the timecards and costs that make up those values. It provides key information in a quick load, no fuss interface backed by the flexibility and security of all ALP products.
Daily Billing and Collections
The Daily Billing & Collections page displays the same kind of information as the Executive Inquiry but shows the Billing & Collections for the entire firm on a daily, monthly, and year-to-date basis. Therefore throughout the day, managers, accounting, and partners can monitor how billed and collected values fluctuate.
Hours Calendar
An additional Hours Calendar screen provides a monthly summary by day of a given attorney's work. Each day is broken into Billable, Non-billable, and Total hours worked.