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ALP PPA assures efficiency.
Billing a client is never as simple as sending a bill and collecting a payment. A company's profit earnings can be increased drastically by changing a given billing attorney's billing practices and making sure that attorney submits and collects on time. The ALP Profitability and Productivity Analysis (PPA) system creates two types of reports, a dollars/hours analysis and an interest expense analysis, to assist companies in determining how productive attorneys really are and how much more profitable they can be.
How it works
ALP PPA is a tool for analyzing worked, billed, and collected values in a three dimensions. By holding one of these values constant, a report is produced detailing the relationship between a span of time where work is performed, bills are rendered, or money is collected by a given attorney. Additionally, PPA creates a report determining what the opportunity cost of capital is as a result of either not billing promptly, or not readily collecting on an invoice.
Why you need it
Proper billing practices are essential for maximization of profitability and productivity in a company. ALP PPA identifies weaknesses in billing practices so that you always get the most money for your time.
  • Two types of reports produced: Dollars/Hours Analysis, Interest Expense Analysis
  • Dollars/Hours Analysis: "What happens to the billed and collected values (in dollars or hours) when I hold the worked period fixed between 2 periods?"
  • Define "buckets" of periods to see reported amounts
  • Interest Expense Analysis - Provide interest rates (either fixed or variable) with which to calculate the opportunity cost of capital. Separate calculations given for unbilled time.
  • Leeway parameters to specify "grace period" between Worked-Billed and Billed-Collected periods
  • Managerial decision making